Edwardian Metropolitan Police Sergeant , 1904/05

(by Leonard Bentley)


The three eldest children of the king and queen of Italy. Princess Yolanda (1901-1986), Princess Mafalda (1902-1944) who was to die in the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald, and Umbert0 II (1904 -1983) very briefly the last king of Italy in 1946. Photo by Lucchesi, Rome. Circa 1908. 

American soldiers taste cider offered by a French civilian in 1944. (Capa Photo)


Gateway Arch under construction in St. Louis, circa 1963-65

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His Holiness, Dalai Lama posing soon after the search party discovered him in 1939 in Kumbum, Amdo, Tibet

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The Duke and Duchess of York with Princess Elizabeth. The Duke and Duchess would go on to reign as King George VI and his Queen consort Elizabeth. Princess Elizabeth is the present reigning monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth II. Photo by Marcus Adams. Published by Tuck’s Post Card, circa 1927.

Ferry crossing on the Potomac River into Maryland near Sharpsburg c1939


Circa 1910. “Pennsylvania station, main concourse, New York.” Silver gelatin glass transparency, Detroit Publishing Company

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Chimney sweep, Tralee, Ireland, 1930s


Queen Maud’s Dress - 1913 - Victoria and Albert Museum