28th President Woodrow Wilson’s delivers his second Inaugural speech, March 5, 1917

(by Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives)


Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

Newly trained World War I naval sailors stand with white duffel bags, 1917


Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on her wedding day, 1923


The Hands of JFK, 1960, Cornell Capa


1974 “Fatal Hollywood Drama” (USA)
Pulitzer Prize breaking news photo, Anthony K. Roberts

Circa 1901. “Pere Marquette transfer boat 17.” These steamers were operated on various Great Lakes waterways by the Pere Marquette railroad. (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: At Seventeen: 1901)

  1. Camera: Sinar 54H



March 1942. Phoenix, Arizona. “Washday at the FSA Camelback Farms.” 35mm negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. 

(via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Oxydol: 1942)


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Anne Morrow Lindbegh, 1933. Mrs. Lindbergh, famous through her marriage to Charles Lindbergh, had her own career as a pilot. In 1931 and 1933, she and Mr. Lindbergh embarked on two lengthy trips in a Lockheed Sirius to explore possible overseas airline routes. Mrs. Lindbergh served as copilot and radio operator on these flights. She is pictured here in their Lockheed Sirius.

(via http://airandspace.si.edu/explore-and-learn/topics/women/lindberg.cfm)